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Engineering Power Tools - 2.0

Simple-to-use yet powerful and complete tool for mechanical engineers

Engineering Power Tools is a library of engineering programs that can be used to quickly solve a wide range of commonly encountered engineering problems. Engineers have to work over and over again with a wide range of formulas, constants and algorithms, so it’s very convenient for them a library that provides quick access to all those important information and tools. That’s exactly why this application can be very useful and time saving.
Let’s briefly list the main features of this piece of software:
• It’s Fast: it provides instant access to over 70 programs and data tables.
• It’s Organized: programs are neatly categorized with drop-down menus.
• It’s Intuitive: it uses standard graphic interface eliminating learning curve.
• It’s Powerful: it solves complex multi-step problems quickly with minimal input.
• It eliminates wasted time hunting for formulas and performing manual calculations.
• Networkable: Power Tools will work over your LAN from one central location.
There are two editions of the software: STANDARD EDITION and PLUS EDITION. The last one includes more than 140 programs and data tables.
When you first enter the program could be surprised by its extreme simplicity. Only one menu with several options – the categories mentioned before – and nothing else. Almost every option in the drop down menus will trigger a program module for a specific task. Everything from data tables to complex calculation is covered. The categories in which the program is organized are the following:
1. Math: shape areas, conversion factors, engineering constants, triangle calculations, and else.
2. HVAC: flow calculations, blowers, solar radiation, pipe sizing, safety ventilation, and else.
3. Mechanical: belt conveyor calculation, drill sizes, fastener torque, stress and deflection, v-belt drives, and else.
4. Electrical: wire tables, Ohm’s law calculations, electrical motor, and else.
5. Materials: mechanical, physical and thermal properties of materials, coefficient of frictions, pipe and tubing, among others.
6. Structural: aluminum and steel shapes characteristics.
Evaluation copies of Engineering Power Tools are provided at no charge, for a 30 day evaluation period. If you find the program useful and wish to continue using it beyond the 30 day evaluation period, payment of a registration fee is required.
There are two License Types:

- Single-User License: allows one copy of the software to be used on any machine by one individual at a time. A registration code is provided, which will activate the extended features and replace the “UNREGISTERED" notice with your user name on the start-up screen as the application is loaded.
- Limited Site License: allows up to 30 individuals to use the software simultaneously, either on individual machines, or by accessing the software over a Local Area Network. Users accessing the software over a network must be physically located at the licensed site. A registration code is provided, along with a receipt for your files, showing that all seats have been properly registered.

Lionel Mira
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Review summary


  • It delivers quick access to commonly used information
  • It offers powerful tools for several calculations
  • It's available for a very affordable price considering its abilities


  • It has an old dated interface
  • It's available in English only
  • Some information is available for US region only
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